Seniors Attend Congressman Hakeem Jeffries’s Birthday Picnic

Congressman Hakeem Jeffries Visits Rosetta Gaston Senior Center

Congressman Hakeem Jeffries visited Rosetta Gaston Cenior Center and spoke to some of the seniors.

Board Chair Khadijah Smilth recognized by New York State Senate

Khadijah Smilth, Chair of the Bord of Directors, was recognized by the New York State Senate. Watch the ceremony below.

Grubhub Lunch At Tilden Senior Center

Councilwoman Darlene Mealy sponsored a lunch from Grubhub for the seniors at Tilden Senior Center.

Councilmember Chi Osse Visits Tompkins Park Senior center

Councilmember Chi Osse held a meet and greet at Tompkins Park Senior Center.

Holiday Hill Trip

Tompkins Park Senior Center is organizing a Holiday Hill Trip on August 23. Seats are available.

Van Dyke Art Show

Van Dyke Senior Center held an Art Show.

“A Teenage Drama Queen” at Tilden Senior Center

Tilden Senior Center hosted a performance of “A Teenage Drama Queen”

Tompkins Chinese Calligraphy & Paper Cutting Class

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