Social Service

Ready to Eat Meals

At our older adult centers, we provide older adults and local residents hot meals five days a week. Meals are prepared fresh each day.


As a provider of services under the Naturally Occurring Retiring Communities program, WORDNYC helps older adults access needed services onsite at our centers which are at or close to their homes.

Social Services

We provide our older adults social services to help them live without disruption in their communities. We assist older adults with applying to and maintaining their public assistance, provide access to language services, referral to and connectivity to other community services, case management support, and other support.


We provide a menu of recreational activities at our centers, offered through partners in the community that create relevant, fun, and interactive activities to promote social emotional well-being of our older adults and residents.

Information and Training

 Weekly we host various information and training programs at our centers, that focus on topics such as health and nutrition, technology use, government programs, financial budgeting, and other topics. Check with each center’s schedule for events.

Transportation Program

We provide older adults in and around our centers transportation to and from their homes to our center and on occasions to and from various community events.