Senior Centers

Wayside Outreach Development Senior Centers help our participants maintain their quality of life by engaging in recreational and educational activities and socializing with friends.

WORD senior centers offer hot lunch daily, exercise classes, recreation programs, computer training, health and nutrition classes, local trips, benefits assistance, social events, volunteer opportunities and much more.  In addition, many of the programs we offer are evidenced based, and are proven to provide a positive impact in the lives of our seniors.

We welcome anyone 60 years and older to contact or visit or the center nearest to you.

Rosetta Gaston Senior Center

460 Dumont Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11212

Tel: (718) 345-5665
Fax: (718) 345-5644

Director: Betsy Colon

Van Dyke Senior Center

430 Dumont Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11212

Tel: (718) 385-1110
Fax: (718) 342-9716

Director: Loretta Smith

Tilden Senior Center

630 Mother Gaston Boulevard
Brooklyn, NY 11212

Tel: (718) 498-2990
Fax: (718) 345-9666

Director: Wanda Burris

Tompkins Park Senior Center

550 Greene Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11216

Tel: (718) 638-3000
Fax: (718) 636-5624

Director: Khaliek McArthur

Brownsville Senior Center

528 Mother Gaston Boulevard
Brooklyn, NY 11212

Tel: (917) 962-8275

Director: Wanda Moore

Glenmore Senior Center

1777 Pitkin Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11212

Tel: (917) 962-8276

Director: Charlene Mitchell

Langston Hughes Senior Center

301 Sutter Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11212

Tel: (917) 962-8277

Director: Erica Jones

Boulevard Senior Center

726 Stanley Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11207

Tel: (718) 345-5665

Armstrong Senior Center

360 Nostrand Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11216

Tel:(347) 425-1078

Mt. Ararat Senior Center

1630 St. Marks Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11233

Tel: (718) 922-1304